Adding Music To VSL's And Other Videos

When adding music to your videos, make sure to use royalty free clips so you do not run into legal problems. I purchase audio tracks from Other sources for music I find useful are the Video Music Mega Pack and the Music Bakery. Be sure to read and understand licensing for any music you incorporate.

Import your VSL raw video file into your video editing software.

Insert the clip into your timeline main video track.

Depending on your editing software, you should see a waveform image beneath the video in the timeline track. This is your voiceover track.

Import your audio track and place that beneath the video track.

Lower the audio level of your music track.

I usually lower my music tracks between -18dB and -27 db. It will depend on the track volume and the level of your voice-over track. Do not raise the volume of your voice-over track. Experiment to get a level where the music enhances, but does not overpower the voice-over.

In a perfect world your audio track length would match the length of your video track. That seldom happens. If your audio track isn’t long enough, or if it’s too long for your video, you will need to make some edits.

To lengthen the audio, copy the track and paste a copy into your video editor’s music track. This keeps all volume adjustments intact. Find an area near the end of your original clip similar to an area near the start of your pasted clip. Trim the clips to this section.

Slightly overlap the two clips. I usually overlap between two to five seconds. Where they overlap, fade the volume on the first clip out, and fade up the volume of the second clip. Try to place this transition beneath vocals on the voice-over track. The ear will be listening to the narrator, and the music transition will not be as noticeable. Listen to the transition and adjust as needed.

The ending of your video will depend on the ending of your musical track. Some tunes just fade out; others end with a crescendo. If your music fades out, you can simply split the music track slightly past your video track, delete the extra and fade the clip. If your music track ends in a crescendo, paste the track beneath the ending so the audio climaxes at the conclusion. Then go backward and find a convenient location to create a transition between an earlier clip and the ending music.

Adding a music bed to your videos adds an extra dimension that really makes them pop. Please make sure to check your video software manuals and user guides to determine the proper method of creating transitions using your software.