One More Consideration

I want to cover something now that wasn’t on my original course plan. Someone brought this to my attention recently and I realized it is important enough that I should share it with you.

As you create your P.I. Machine, give some consideration to your “out”. What happens if you no longer want to deal with your machine? Even though they provide passive income, there is always some work associated with them. So what happens if you decide you no longer want to be involved.

It could happen for a variety of reasons. You could lose interest. Maybe you want to go in another direction. Maybe health issues could interfere.

For that reason, I recommend you consider your “outs”.

For me, I joined a partnership that heads Maher Studios. We are set up to always have three people on staff. If one passes, another will be brought in to the company. My courses fall under that banner and should something happen to me, they will continue to run under new management.

You may want to sell your P.I. Machine. Some people build P.I. Machines just to sell them to others. If you do that, and your image is all over the site, it makes it difficult for someone else to take over through an outright purchase.

You could also consider making memberships temporary - a year or two in length. This way when you decide you want to close down a P.I. Machine you can simply let memberships expire.

So keep this thought in the back of your mind. What will you do with your P.I. Machine one day? Will you pass it along to someone else? Sell it? Or close it down?

The answer to that question may affect how you move forward…