Creating Audio Content

I mentioned earlier that professional sounding audio has become easier to create. Anyone with a computer, tablet or smartphone can record audio files.

Apple offers free voice recorders in the app store for phones, tablets and computers. I’m willing to bet PC’s have many free programs too.

Audacity is a free digital audio editor available for both PC and Mac. It allows you to record from a variety of sources, edit the audio and then export it in various forms.

Most programs can output the audio in a variety of files, including, but not limited to, WAV, AIFF, WMA and MP3. For online purposes, I use MP3’s, which are supported by most computers and digital music players.

For my Mac, I use GarageBand to record audios. It not only records, it allows me to edit, add music tracks and export the finished product as an MP3. This avoids using conversion programs to format the audio.

Another program I use to create MP3 audios is WonTube Free Video Converter. I simply drag edited video files into the conversion area, select “MP3” and click “convert.” The video is then converted to an MP3 version and saved as a new file, so I have both audio and video versions.

I’m certain there is a conversion program for the PC that can do the same thing — unfortunately I do not know what to recommend. If you find one that works for you, please share it in the Members Forum.

The key for great audio is your microphone. You can record with a built-in computer mic, but the quality will not be very good. I get decent audio with my iPhone, but it also has limitations.

For the best recordings, I use a microphone that connects to my computer with a USB cable. It is the Blue SnowBall and I believe it cost me around $100. The price has definitely come down.

Before you buy a microphone, take a look at product reviews. A good USB microphone should be available for $75 to $150. It is worth the investment, as the sound will be superior to a built-in microphone. That improves the quality of the recording and its value to your clients.

If you intend to build P.I. Machines to grow your passive income portfolio, a USB mic is a no-brainer. You will find yourself using it for video voiceovers, interviews, webinars and more.

I’ve included links to several microphones, including the Blue SnowBall I use, below. If you have any questions, feel free to leave me a message in the Members Forum!