Creating A Content Development List

You now know what has to be done to create your course materials, and it is up to you to move ahead. Though the amount of material may seem overwhelming — don’t allow it to stop you! Simple action every day can tackle the biggest obstacles.

To make content development easy, I recommend creating a development list. On these I include what type of content I need to create, such as On-Camera Videos. Beneath that I list each on-camera video that needs to be shot. My goal is to set up and do as many as I can in one sitting.

The same is true for my audio recordings, screen captures and presentation videos. I find when I work on a focused flow of projects, I move faster. The procedures become easier with repetition.

Nothing is more annoying than realizing after you’ve put away the video camera and lights, you still need one more video. It happens — but by creating a development list or shot list — you can minimize that problem.

Realize things will change as you move forward. You may decide you need an extra step or video. You may want to add a graphic or PDF content. These should be added to your development list so they can be created later without changing your focus and slowing your momentum.

There were times during the creation of this course where I looked at the amount of work I still had to create and felt like giving up. If I had, you wouldn’t be benefitting from this content. If you give up — you not only prevent your own advancement, you hurt someone else’s chance too. So do it for them!

Now is the time to figure out everything you need to do to prepare your content, and then begin taking action to move ahead!