Content Delivery Examples

I’d like to share some quick examples of my various online products and how I incorporate different types of content.

For my courses, I create multiple lessons, shooting a video for each. The video is then transcribed to create copy, which is sometimes used as is, and other times edited to create course lessons. If video stills will help illustrate a point, they are added within the web page’s text copy. I will sometimes create written and/or graphic content PDF files that clients may download to study and use.

Some of my courses consist of video interviews with experts in their field. The videos are again transcribed and key points pulled from the copy to highlight important parts of the conversation. On these courses, the key points are usually tied together throughout different conversations and I encourage students to reflect and build upon them for their own benefit.

Maher Studios features a variety of product types.

Our audio courses are simple MP3 files that can be played on the product page and downloaded for MP3 devices.

We feature online DVDs, which provide protected pages where students can see a video beginning to end. We do not allow these video files to be downloaded to avoid people freely sharing the content. Once a client buys a video, they never lose access to the playback page. The online DVDs do not include any additional transcription or graphic instruction.

Another product on the Maher Studios website are scripts for ventriloquists. These product pages consist of an edited video short that shares the comedy creation process for one script. Clients can then download PDF files for three scripts included with that product. We also have audio players, so they can listen to playback of the three scripts being presented by professional ventriloquists. This helps them to understand the delivery and timing of the lines.

As you can see, there is no one way to deliver your content. If you create a product and users ask for another way to learn, it is simple and inexpensive to modify the way content is delivered. Doing this will make you a star to your clients.