Discover Your Talents

In this section, we’ll uncover some of the information hidden in your head. The goal of these discovery sessions is to find ideas that could eventually become a passive income product for you.

First, put aside all your inhibitions. During these exercises, don’t censor yourself or think you aren’t good enough. I want you to come at this from a discovery mindset. That is important. You are just looking for some answers, so don’t judge what you find until later.

The first thing we will do is called the S.W.O.T. method of discovery. I’ve seen people do this on one piece of paper folded into quarters; however, I’d prefer you do this with four full pages. With four full pages, you won’t limit yourself space-wise. This will give you more writing room for what is about to happen.

There is a PDF below created just for this exercise. Click the link at the bottom of this page to download a copy.

On the first page, we’ll tackle the S that stands for skills or strengths. What are your skills? Think about your first job — what did you do in that position?

I was a clerk at a stationery store. I handled retail counter sales, customer relations, re-stocking, stock receiving and disbursement. Other duties included inventory counts, filling phone orders, sales calls, errands and even deliveries. What did you really do in your first job? What about your second? What about your current work? What did you do? And what have you done?

Think about your hobbies. What do you like to do in your spare time? What do you do to relax? All of these will help to make up your skill set. Give this about five or ten minutes. Make full notes and ensure that you give the answers some serious thought. I think you’ll find you have more skills than you realize.

When you finish listing all your skills, we’ll move onto W, which stands for weaknesses. On your second piece of paper list all the areas where your weaknesses lie. For me, I’m weak at writing. I can do it, but my grammar and punctuation suck. (Which is why I sought an editor for this book.)

Again, take five or ten minutes to think about what you don’t like to do or that you know you need to improve upon. Write them down, and later you can search for ways to improve these areas. That may lead you to new knowledge and, most importantly, another P.I. Machine possibility! Give this serious thought. You may not believe me, but there is gold here!

When you are finally depressed from thinking about your areas of weaknesses — it is time to get optimistic again! The O in S.W.O.T. stands for opportunities.

List all the opportunities you see that could exist for you over the coming days, months and years. What are you excited about? Hopefully, a passive income lifestyle is one of those. What do you see as an upcoming opportunity? Maybe there is one you would like to create. You know the drill — give this a good five or ten minutes and write it all down!

Finally, we’ll tackle the T — the threats you imagine looming on the horizon. What could stand in your way to achieving all you want to achieve? You may be in a space that you feel there are none, but I want you to spend the time to dig deep and move past that. What keeps you awake at night? Take your time and be thorough. Don’t sweat about these problems; just become aware of them, because if you are facing them, no matter how great or insignificant they are, chances are someone else is too.

You see, this exercise isn’t just about you — it is about determining ways you can help others. The S.W.O.T. method will give you many of those answers.

Once you’ve spent 30 to 40 minutes thinking about all these things, do a bit more soul searching. Have a look over the Opportunities and Threats and ask yourself these questions: “What is good about this?” “What is bad about that?” “What would improve this situation?” The answers may inspire you to create something truly amazing.

You’ve got some work ahead of you, so put in the time before moving on to the next lesson.

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