Mapping Content Delivery

Now that you have had an overview of the types of content you can create to share information, it is time to create a content map of your P.I. Machine.

Using your Content Road Map and Wagon Wheel developed in Module One, you will need to determine the best method to share your content. You may settle on one method for all your lessons, which is fine. That creates a consistency students will appreciate.

As you saw in the examples provided in the last lesson, there is no right or wrong here. You decide the best method of delivering the information in a way that will help your students succeed.

For the P.I. Machine, I used multiple styles of content delivery so people could see examples. I knew on-camera was important for some subjects. For others, screen captures were needed to show exactly what I was doing.

Now is the time to take everything you’ve seen and put it to work. Decide what you need to create, and I’ll give you some tips on moving forward in the next lesson.

PDF download

To help with this exercise, right click and save this link to download the Content Mapping Form.