Module One: Creative Content 101
For Passive Income Information Products

Welcome to Module 1 - Creative Content 101 For Passive Income Information Products.

Everything starts here!

In this module, we will focus on passive income project ideas. The goal is to help you develop a plan to move forward with your own P.I. Machine or product.

Information products can help you earn an amazing income, plus, the benefits of helping others spreads like wildfire. It can take you places you never expected to go!

All this starts with your mindset. I’ll share concepts to help you get out of your own way — simple steps — that if you keep them in mind throughout the process, will help you get things done. Think of it as creative productivity and the freedom to act on your dreams.

You will learn about uncovering your hidden talents and knowledge. You’ll find a wealth of possibilities to tap into and get your creative juices flowing.

We’ll discover simple ways to research ideas, to find out if they are worth following. This can save you tons of time and wasted effort. You will also learn about the competition during this process. That knowledge can help you design a product that will shine in the marketplace.

I’ll teach you ways to brainstorm and adapt your creations to develop unique offerings clients will love. You’ll learn about market research on the Internet and how to tell if people are actually buying products in your field of expertise.

You will learn about the different types of online information products that can be sold. This knowledge can help you formulate your own passive income course or product.

I’ll share my creation process to inspire you as you begin developing your outlines, and I’ll discuss creating a content road map. You will learn an extremely powerful way to organize your materials. This method, called the Wagon Wheel Content Creator, helps you organize your thoughts into lesson plans.

By the time you finish this module, you should have a clear direction. By focusing on that destination, you will be able to take appropriate and meaningful action to get things done. That will help you reach your goal of creating a passive income project easier than you imagined.

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