Module Two - Content Creation

Types Of Content:

In Module One, you created the content for your P.I. Machine product or course. Now we must find a way to deliver that content so it inspires people to take action.

In this module, we will discuss content delivery methods. First, I will give you a quick overview of the most common types. Then we will break each method down so you can understand what is involved. Then you can begin to move forward.


Written content is obviously first. We have all had learning experiences using written content. From textbooks in school to product instructions, owner’s manuals and reports, written content is everywhere. It is even in front of you right now.

Written content is fast, inexpensive and easy to create, even if you aren't the best writer. It is easy to deliver through eBooks, PDF’s and articles. I usually include some form of written content with all my P.I. Products.


Graphic content is another option available to instruct users. Graphics can clarify points and create greater interest in a subject. I include photographs under this heading. Graphic delivery integrated with other forms of content has a higher perceived value.


The next method of delivery is audio. At one time, creating audio materials meant renting studio time. Today, professional sounding audio content is easier than ever to record and edit. If you are looking for a fast way to produce content, take a good look at audio production.


Video is the most flexible method of content delivery. It also has the highest perceived value. Like audio, there was a time good video could only be captured by professional cameras in a studio. That is no longer true.

Several styles of video can be created — each has unique advantages. In the video chapter, we will discuss different types of video you can incorporate in your online products.

Now here is something really cool — you can instantly multiply your content by changing formats. Videos can be converted into audio files. You can get transcripts of audio and video files to create written content. Since people learn in different ways, creating multiple methods to consume your materials dramatically increases value for your clients with little extra effort or expense on you.

So now that you have an idea of the types of content that can be offered, let’s talk about how to create them. For that, I'll see you in the next lesson.