Notes On Outsourcing

I want to clarify some statements I made in the last chapter regarding the outsourcing of your materials.

Some passive income “gurus” advocate outsourcing your products. Outsourcing products, or purchasing PLR (Private Label Rights) products that you can modify and add your name to, is a rampant practice in the online world. It allows some “gurus” and businesses to quickly build their online portfolios.

I have serious concerns about that technique.

Private label rights products are generic at best. The quality is usually not very high. Even though you can rename and brand the product, they don’t come across as genuine.

I have used one PLR product in my years online. After purchasing the “course,” I realized it was nowhere near my quality expectations. I modified the material and made it available at a fraction of the cost the PLR company believed could be charged. Because I was disappointed in the product, I could not put my heart behind promoting it. As a result, it sits there as a constant reminder not to cut corners.

When I create a course, I imagine my student is right there. I know who they are and what they want to achieve. I try to speak directly to them, which creates a personal relationship, even if we never meet.

PLR products do not know your students. They produce solely for the purpose of selling the product to other online businesses. The people buying them are focused on turning out product to generate income. This violates one of my golden rules:

Don’t focus on the money.

Yes, we want to earn passive income, but the only true way to grow and succeed is by helping others. That means caring, not putting out generic materials trying to grab as many dollars as possible.

Another “guru” recommends outsourcing Kindle Books. They provide a topic, hire a writer and publish the book in their name. To me, that’s the equivalent of filling up a dollar store with cheap novels.

I do believe in outsourcing and encourage you to find some virtual assistants to help you grow your business. It allows you to reach further and accomplish more. I just feel that when you outsource, you need to make sure you explain your vision and exactly what you need. Review everything that comes in and make certain it meets your standards.

As you develop relationships with your virtual assistants, they will begin to understand your expectations. You will find that their work transforms to match your needs with less input from you. That is when you have the ability to delegate and trust their judgment.

This process is different from simply hiring the cheapest bidder to “write a book on search engine optimization” and then publishing the returned manuscript as your own.

Remember: Smart outsourcing can help you grow. Reckless outsourcing can help you fail faster.