On The Path

Developing Product Information:

With your road map and wagon wheel finished, it is time to create your product or course information. Some people will create full scripts of each lesson; others will create cue cards with bullet points to keep themselves on track. If you are working with a complicated topic, you may find storyboarding a lesson helpful. This step will give you an idea of how much material you have to share on a subject. It can also help you find areas that need to be enhanced.

Once again, don’t allow the desire of perfection to dominate your time. Do your best and continue moving forward. As you begin to turn the information into content, you will have an opportunity to revisit the material. Even after you finish the course, you can build on the content through input and questions from your clients.

At this point I want to say thank you and congratulations.

“Thank you for letting me guide you through this process, and congratulations for putting in the effort to actually do each of these exercises.”

By following this process, you’ve created a unique project concept. You’ve also developed your product content, and your road map contains detailed directions to guide your clients and help them achieve a goal.

The next step is using your lesson materials to create content that will motivate people to take action and get results. In the next P.I. Machine book, I’ll teach you how to morph this information into killer content delivery — all with the goal of helping you create your passive income products.

The journey has started. Keep moving forward because things are about to get exciting!