Mindset For A P.I. Machine

First, I need to talk you about mindset. You are about to start a journey to your own P.I. Machine. To reach that goal, there are several things to remember.

The first is this:

Don’t focus on the money.

If you focus on the income potential, you are going the wrong way and need to turn back.

The goal of a P.I. Machine, or any product, should be to help other people — lift them up, help them solve a problem — because people buy things when the information or product will help them achieve a desire or goal.

If you help people get results, they will tell others. And people seeking the same goal will buy your products. Pretty soon, you’ll be helping a lot people and making a difference in their lives.

That creates a rabid fan base that will seek out your help in the future. They will buy your products and support your efforts. It is a rewarding circle that provides a positive experience for everyone.

You may be thinking, “Wait a second! I only wanted to create a P.I. Machine. I only wanted passive income…”

This process will create that, but don’t narrow your focus. You need to understand that when you create an information product, you will make a difference to someone. They will grow and benefit, and so will you.

Don’t be afraid of this concept — let it inspire you. You can do this!

Many people have limiting beliefs. Their attitude, behavior and assumptions make them comfortable to stay in a box. It becomes their safety zone. But success comes when you go outside the box.

Everyone has things that hold them back. Some believe they’re not good enough, others think a goal is impossible or success only happens to others. That is resistance.

Resistance includes all types of excuses: I’ve got family, I’ve got debts, I’ve got no time. I can’t do it, no one will like this, it isn’t good enough, I have health issues… and on and on.

Resistance is strongest when you are close to a breakthrough — you must crush it. Sit down for five or ten minutes and take action. You will feel better, plus, each time you do that, you’ll become stronger.

The truth is — you do not need to have superpowers to create a P.I. Machine or product. You do not have to be super-smart. You do not have to be super-wealthy. In fact, you don’t have to be super-techno-savvy. When you decide to create a passive income project, the only thing that can hold you back is YOU!

Another thing you have got to keep in mind: nothing is perfect. Say it out loud:

Nothing is perfect.

Do you own a cell phone? If you do, chances are you’ve had trouble getting a signal. You may have had dropped calls. Is your smartphone really that smart? Does it always do what you want it to do?

Cell phones are not perfect, yet people buy them and pay monthly contracts because it helps them reach a goal: texting while driving. Actually, I hope not. The goal is more likely staying in touch. The point is, something that is not perfect helps them reach their goal and people pay for that.

Do you own a computer? If you do, you know it’s not perfect. Yet software makers still sell programs. Computer makers still sell computers. Why? Because these products help people reach a goal.

Maybe the goal is as simple as gaming, or possibly the buyer wants to increase their productivity. Whatever the goal, computer makers and software developers have created solutions to satisfy customers’ needs. It may not be a perfect product, but they are trying to help and they are earning money.

Nothing is perfect!

Many people have ideas, but few see the light of day. Why? Because people wait for their idea or solution to be perfect — the perfect time, the perfect product and the perfect way to deliver it.

Nothing is perfect.

If you have an idea but no product, you can’t help people. You also can't help yourself. So I want you to keep this concept in mind:

Speed of Implementation

A wise man by the name of Barry Friedman shared that concept with me. I want you to embrace this concept as you move forward.

When you learn something, I want you to use the speed of implementation. Within 24 hours, I want you to take some sort of action on what you have learned. Beat resistance and take action. I want you to get it done and I want you to move forward, because every step of this journey requires forward movement. If you wait to get one thing perfect before you move on, nothing will happen.

You can always go back and revisit things later, but you need to keep moving forward, because when you do, your P.I. Machine or product will become one step closer to reality and that means you will be one step closer to helping others.

So remember:

  • Don’t focus on the money.
  • Try to help other people.
  • You can do this. You really can!
  • Nothing is perfect.
  • Speed of implementation.

These five concepts will allow you to reach your goal. I’m looking forward to seeing where this leads you.