Five Principles Of Successful Content

People consume information every day. Some read, some listen and others watch. Information is provided for free from so many sources, why should anyone pay to purchase your information product or course?

Because the problem with most information is just that — it’s only information.

People may know things, but that doesn’t mean they will use the knowledge. Some feel they don’t have the ability to put the information to work. Others believe some “secret” has been withheld, and they still don’t understand things.

The challenge for your online information product is to prompt people to take action and actually achieve a goal. Results equal proof that your product works. Social proof creates word of mouth — building trust, demand and value.

In my courses, I try to break things down into multiple lessons. The lessons don’t have to be long, but they should include five things:

  • Explain a single step as clearly as possible.
  • Demonstrate the technique involved.
  • Discuss tips to make the technique easier.
  • Offer an exercise that allows the student to learn by doing.
  • Encourage the student to take action before moving forward.

Your materials should persuade the student that they can achieve the goal. By motivating them to take action every step of the way, they will see progress, which stimulates them to continue.

Write these five principles of successful content on a piece of paper and keep it in front of you as you turn your content into product. If your materials follow these rules, your clients will thank you.