S.C.A.M.P.E.R. Exercise Example

Let's try a SCAMPER exercise to give you an idea of how this works. We are going to start with substitute, and we’re going to use the topic of sewing.

I searched out a couple of products and one that I found was called “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know.” So let’s substitute some of these things. How about 50 Things Every Sewer Needs To Know, or 100 Techniques Every Seamstress Has To Know.

Let’s try some substitutions on another course, like “Sew Better, Sew Faster”. How about Sew Superior, Sew Quicker or Superior Sewing. I actually kind of like that one.

Another course was called “Sew A Leather Bag.” How about Stitching Leather Handbags? After that I kind of came up with a blank, but using the speed of implementation, I'm going to move on and not going to let writers block stop me.

Let's look at combine, we will go back to the “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know” and the “Sew Better, Sew Faster” and “Sew A Leather Bag.” How about if we created Faster Techniques To Sew Better Leather Bags. We combine ideas from other courses to create our own.

Another example of combine, “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know.” I already said that I do some woodworking in my S.W.O.T. exercise. How about if I come up with an idea for crafting your own wooden buttons and I had that in, and then I add a Bonus Hand Sewing Guide. With these things bundled together, they get a course that has more value than just simple techniques.

Another combine feature, lets say we do the course on “Sew A Leather Bag” and we include a Leather Buying Resource. And how about a Leather Coloring Guide so they can create their own leather colors for their own handbags.

Let's look at adapt, and we will go back to the “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know.” It's currently a one-hour video course, but how about if we turned it into 40 dedicated modules that covered each one of the techniques in depth.

Let's take a look at modify and we’ll go back to the “Sew A Leather Bag” course. How about if we modify that to something that we needed we started. How about: A Beginner's Guide to Sewing Leather Bags or Sewing Leather Featuring A Special Custom Handbags Lesson.

Let's talk about eliminate. “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know” but how about if we eliminate some of those to come up with: 10 Simple Techniques For Better Sewing, or One Lesson Every Sewer Needs To Know. If I was a starting seamstress that would intrigue me.

Now let’s try to reverse some things around. We’ve got “40 Techniques Every Sewer Should Know.” Lets change that to Sewing Techniques You Need To Know. Or “Sew Better, Sew Faster,” how about if we change that to Faster Better Sewing. Another example for “Sew Better, Sew Faster,” how about if we turn that into Save Time, Sew Better. That not only reverses things, it also reverses the focus from faster sewing to the benefit of saving time.

Obviously these were just samples designed to help you get started. Hopefully you can see how simple changes can inspire big ideas.