Video Slide Presentations

In the last few chapters we talked about using Keynote and PowerPoint to create video sales letters. Both of these programs are powerful presentation tools you can harness to create other content, advertising and promotional videos for your website.

In a presentation, a Keynote or PowerPoint slide highlights a topic. By using bullet points, the speaker is able to convey information to the audience and expand on them in a way a structured video sales letter will not allow.

The steps to create a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation video are exactly the same as the video sales letter. The only difference is, I can’t give you a shortcut on creating these slides.

Luckily, you can outsource slide creation to or another virtual assistant website.

In the PIMachine, I provide several examples of slide presentation videos for both content and marketing. You can also search YouTube for examples that may spur your imagination, or at least provide tips on what not to do!