S.W.O.T. Exercise Example

Now I’d like to give you an example of the S.W.O.T. exercise. The first thing I’ll explore are my strengths, and were going to start with job that I've had. I’ve worked in a stationery store. I've been a professional entertainer, I still am. I have worked with television production and I create online products.

In the stationery store, which I started right out of high school, I was involved with customer service, also customer relations. Every once and a while I had to deal with a client who wasn't too happy. Next, I handled deliveries. I used to go out on all of delivery runs and deliver office supplies to the different offices. I did order taking when I was there. If they needed something, I had to write it down, go back to the shop, fill it and that meant order fulfillment. I also had to do stock ordering a lot of times if they needed something specific. I did shipping receiving. The truck would pull up to the back door and it was my job to unload, check everything to make sure it was all there. Then I had to do stock disbursement and get it throughout the store. So those were just a few of the things I did at the stationery store.

As an entertainer I had to be involved in business planning. I had to also handle customer service there. I had to deal with the clients are interested in hiring my show. I had to deal with office management, not something that I was particularly fond of, but the office management is a big part of being in business for yourself. I was in charge of promotion and advertising. How to promote my show, how to advertise it and who to advertise it to. Whether to advertise in the newspaper or on the Internet or using snail mail, which is what I did a lot when I started out. I had to take care of the maintenance of all the equipment. I had to write scripts and plan performances. I had to take care of the travel and logistics for the show. Plus I had to worry about scheduling, not just the show but also the staff and people in the programs.

In television production, I used to manage a public access television (station). I only did it for about a month or two while they were between managers, but still I was in charge of:

The equipment education, teaching people who came in off the street how to use our equipment so would not be damaged. I was in charge of scheduling the facilities so that the different local TV producers could use our equipment and facilities, we had a studio. We had to schedule the programming so we knew what to run on the cable channel. I had to deal with public relations, talking to the press about the transition in the studio between the official television (station) managers. I had to handle the logistics of everything. When we had out source shoots or we had to go out on to location, I had to make sure that we had the right staff there. I had to handle getting them there, had to get handle getting them back, check in the equipment, check it out … so that was a lot of work. There was a lot of management type things. I also had to deal with staff coordination. I had to plan when they were going to be on site so that somebody was always there in case I wasn’t. And of course, I had to handle reporting to the higher-ups, the people who own the station, which was the county.

For online product I was involved in concept creation. I develop my concepts, I do research on that concept to make sure that it's something that I should produce, something that would be worthwhile. Strategic planning, you have to create your plans for each type of product. I had to do content development, creating the actual courses. I had to handle outsourcing. Product management, I had to make sure that everything came in on time from my outsourcers. I had to manage how everything went on to the web so that everything was done on time. I had to handle promotion, that's kind of a crossover between what I used to do as an entertainer but this is all online promotion. And again, customer relations, I like to take care of my customers. I like to know that they're happy and if there's something wrong, I like to know about that too so I can try and make changes to the course so that it meets their needs.

Looking at things I like to do when I'm not working: I like to watch television. Probably not a lot of things there that I can do online, but we will see. I enjoy doing woodworking every once in a while. I used to do a lot, now not so much, don't have as much time for it anymore, but it was a big hobby. Another thing I like to do, I like to eat out.

Let’s go back to watching television, what kind of skill sets do I get from that? Well, one thing, I am a critic. Boy, if I don't like something, I don't have to watch it and I know pretty fast if I like something or not. So maybe I could put critic down is one of my skills. Fan information, if I like show, I usually tend to learn a lot about it, so fan information may be something that would be a strong point or something I could use in the creation of a product. I know a little bit about electronics, but that would be tan area that would be fascinating to me because I want the best quality picture, the best quality sound. So electronics would naturally be under that.

Let’s go to woodworking. I used to do a lot of wood carving. I would carve wine barrel heads, I would carve signs, I would carve primitive Santa Claus figures, so I know a lot about wood carving. I know a lot about wood turning, I enjoy wood turning. Basic woodworking, I am very familiar with basic woodworking. I know a little bit about the tools. I know basic safety, and I was at one time I was named one of the top 200 early American craftsmen in the United States. So that's kind of something that's on my resume that could certainly be tied into some type of woodworking product.

Eating out, again I am a critic. I know what I like,  know what I don't like. I don’t have the world's largest palate, but certainly I am a critic when it comes to my food. I could possibly be a guide or give information to people who want to go to eat out. I know a lot about recipes. In fact, that might be something that could branch off of eating out. And tourism, I travel around quite a bit doing my comedy shows, so I get to go around different places. I get to try different meals, at different restaurants, so tourism may be something that could come out of that. And finally wine and wineries, I like to drink a little bit of wine. Not a lot, but I like to drink wine. I used to carve the wine barrel heads, so I used to go out to the wineries and meet the winemakers and learned a lot about it through that. So that could be a whole possibility for a passive income course.

Now let's talk about weaknesses. First, I am horrible at writing, but I can outsource the editing. I am not always organized. I hate paperwork. I’m also not great at financials and taxes. I hate those things, but this is stuff that can be outsourced. I have a bad memory. I'm easily absorbed in things, when I get into something I can start working on it and the next thing I know, eight hours have passed. I watch way too much TV. I’m bad at networking, I’m not great on a one-on-one situation. I’m bad at relationships. Thank God my wife is a saint. She's the much better half of my relationship. I’m don’t always exercise. I'm not a healthy eater, I try, I start out eating healthy, and then life gets in the way. I am sleep deprived. Sometimes I cannot sleep. I'll wake up and not be able to get back to sleep because I'll have something my mind that I want to work on. I have a bad back. That is probably back to the exercise. If I don't get enough exercise I tend to start seizing up, but that's a weakness. My time management is not always good because I tend to get absorbed in things or I get distracted. So those are my weaknesses.

Let's move on opportunities … right now I'm extremely excited about the P.I. Machine. I am extremely excited about it because I realize I can help a lot of people who maybe want to create products, but have never figured out how, or aren't sure what to do. So I'm going to basically break down everything that I do in this course. And it's taking a lot of time, but I know that once it is done, it's going to help people, so I'm very excited about that. I'm very excited about comedy nights. I recently did a show for a bar/restaurant in Pennsylvania. They were interested having me book their standup comedy nights, so I started networking with all these different standup comedians. Not an area I’ve been in, I’ve always been in corporate comedy. Now I'm able to provide work for other people and I'm very excited about that because it's it's not just a fun thing to do, but it's helping others. I'm excited because I was thinking I could do a wood carving course. As we are back on that last strengths, I thought gosh, I know a lot about wood carving, maybe I can create a wood carving course. So that is something I could possibly due down the road. And I had talked to my wife about a winery tour channel, and maybe that would be a YouTube channel or maybe we would create that is a blog and monetize the blog. That is something that is a possibility for down the road that could produce some passive income, and be something that I love to do, you combine the two and you got a winner. Also I'm excited about an opportunity of moving to Florida. This is been a brutal winter here in Maryland. I’m getting tired of the snow and tired of the cold. Florida is looking pretty good, and I’ve got a friend down there who is in like 80° weather right now and sunshine, so I want to move to Florida! And that's an opportunity I am looking forward to.

Let's finally talk about the threats. I’ll be a bit more generic here. A lot of people worry about relationships. The unexpected, home improvements, financial worries, health issues, college expenses, and success or lack thereof. That seems kind of weird, but people worry about what happens if they succeed but are not ready. Or perhaps fear of failure keeps them from taking a chance. That is kind of crazy isn't it? You’ve just got to smile at these things. I want you to be honest on the threats facing you, because here, you can see areas that you can work on to improve in your life and possibly document the journey to create a product that can help others.

So just take my rambling for what it is, it's an example, and hopefully you can use these to give you ideas to think about for what the threats are in your life. Now that you’ve had an example, it's time to S.W.O.T. yourself.