Video Hosting With

Several different video hosting options are available for your product videos. I recommend you avoid YouTube if you are trying to sell content. YouTube is considered a free video source, and even your unlisted videos won’t hold as much weight with clients if they are hosted on YouTube.

Those of you looking to cut corners may think there are ways to disguise the fact that a video is hosted on YouTube. There are, but there is another problem with a free video hosting platform — they can cancel your account at any time. Should your account be canceled, your product is gone and you will be left reacting to the problem.

There are three other types of video hosting I am familiar with. The first is Amazon S3, which holds your video files on a protected server and allows them to be embedded on your site. For this, you will need streaming video player software on your website. There are several sources for this, and some professional themes even come complete with a video player.

Another video hosting company I’ve heard a lot of good things about is Wistia. Wistia has a free plan with limited options. Beyond that, the site charges $25 a month for its small business package.

The video hosting I use is Vimeo, which offers several different packages starting at free and going up to about $200 a year. I host all of my course videos on Vimeo, and I have a lot!

A bonus for me is that my video editing software can publish videos directly to Vimeo, which saves me the step of uploading them. The videos are private and not shared on their system. I can control what sites the video will play on. This prevents others from stealing an embed code and trying to show the video elsewhere. I can even set the embed options and upload a cover picture that shows when the video is embedded. The above video walks you step by step through their dashboard.

Whether you choose Amazon S3, Wistia or Vimeo, it’s well worth the money to set up a private hosting account for your online passive income products.

Note: Different video devices require different types of streaming video files. Before deciding on a video hosting provider make certain your videos will play back on multiple platforms and devices.