Creating A V.S.L. In Pages & Keynote

Here is a shortcut to create your video sales letter using a Mac running both Pages and Keynote. (The Mac versions of Word and PowerPoint)

  1. Open Pages and create a new file.
  2. In the template section, select “Note Taking.”
    If you have a version of Pages that is 2009 or earlier, you'll be using the Outline Template. Note Taking and Outline are basically the same.
  3. Click on “choose.”
  4. Select and delete any formatting to create a blank page.
  5. There are several ways of entering your sales letter copy:
    You may type it in,
    Copy and paste or
    Hit the function key twice, and use speech to text.
  6. Edit as needed.
  7. Each line will become a slide, so hit enter or return to space the copy to your preference.
  8. Press the Command and A keys to select all of your text.
  9. Change the text style to: Title.
  10. Select your desired Font.
  11. Set the Font to bold.
  12. Make the Font 72 Pt.
  13. Align everything to center.
  14. Copy the text again.
  15. Open Keynote.
  16. Select a widescreen template and select your background.
  17. Edit the Master Slide to your preference.
  18. Change your slide size to 1280 x 720.
  19. After saving the master slide, select it for editing.
  20. Under View in the menu bar, change the format to Outline.
  21. Click on the slide box in the left hand menu to select it, then click on Edit > Paste.
  22. This process will paste your Pages outline into Keynote, creating a separate slide for every line.
  23. Check the slides and edit, move or change formatting and color of the text to suit your preferences.

To record the slide show with voice-over:

  1. Make sure you have the correct microphone selected in Keynote’s program preferences.
  2. Make certain you click on the slide you that you want to start the recording.
  3. Go to Play > Record Slideshow.
  4. To begin, click on the red record button. Use your keyboard spacebar to advance the slides.
  5. Once you are done recording, go to File > Export > QuickTime and follow the saving instructions to export your recorded slide show as a video.

Notes: Try to record your slide show in one take to create a better experience for the listener.