Video Sales Letter Overview

Create Simple, Effective and Fast Video Sales Letters

If you’ve ever gotten junk mail, you have probably gotten a traditional sales letter.
The long-form sales letter has been around for generations.
The reason is because despite the fact some people hate them…
They work!
Today, everything moves at a much faster pace.
Most people won’t bother reading a 15 page sales letter.
When Internet Marketing started,
A lot of sites used a traditional sales letter style to sell products.
They weren’t pretty, and there was a lot of scrolling involved.
Then someone came up with the idea of creating the Video Sales Letter!
Also known as the VSL…
Granted, they may not be any prettier,
But the sales message can convey emotion and enthusiasm
Making it much more engaging to the viewer.
Plus, thanks to the video format, viewers can’t skip around…
There are no video controls,
So the marketer has control of the sales process.
People have to follow the funnel leading to your sale.
Let me share with you the main reason you should consider the VSL for your Internet Marketing.
They Get Results!
On ClickBank, marketers saw their sales increase from 50 – 200 percent
When they switched from long-form sales letters to VSLs!
We all know…
There is no magic bullet when it comes to marketing.
One size doesn’t fit all…
But video sales letters have been tested in a lot of markets
They not only worked…
They had strong conversion rates.
Rather than re-invent the wheel,
I suggest you experiment with and test the VSL for both marketing and content.
If you want to use a VSL for marketing,
Here are some things to keep in mind…
Just like any sales letter, you need:
An Attention Grabbing Headline…
Your first slide needs to instantly gain the viewer’s attention.
To do that, identify a problem…
And make a mind-blowing promise that encourages prospects to watch.
You aren’t offering them a video,
You are sharing a presentation that will help them with a problem in their life.
Aggravate the problem and then motivate the viewer
By explaining what can happen if they don’t act NOW.
Then, don’t leave them hanging…
Provide a solution! Your product or service.
Outline the features and benefits to show your solution can help.
Share a case study…
Or a testimonial…
Provide proof your solution actually works.
Then give the viewer a call to action.
Invite them to buy now, join in and put an end to their problem today.
If scarcity is involved, this is a good time to add that information.
People don’t want to lose out.
Ask them the age old question:
“If you don’t take action, how can you expect your life to improve?”
Then give them one last call to action…
Before it is too late,
Or before time runs out.
Of course – only use these if you intend to limit an offer.
Internet Marketing is filled with scam artists…
So always be honest with your prospects and clients.
Now let’s discuss some surprising findings that were discovered in testing…
How long should a VSL be?
As long as it takes.
But there are some guidelines…
Some people will tell you no one will sit through a long VSL…
The truth is, if you are talking to the right viewer, they not only stay, they buy.
Believe it or not – the best converting VSLs in a test by Digital Marketer ran between 12 and 24 minutes.
This allowed them to build the value and benefits, which sold the products.
Here are some important things to consider
When you implement a VSL in your business.
Don’t show the controls!
If your VSL is on your web site, make sure to remove the video controls from the playback.
When viewers have control of the video, it decreases sales!
Autostart your video.
That goes against many “rules” of video, but for a good VSL conversion it is important.
Don’t “Bullet Point”
This isn’t a PowerPoint Presentation
(Although you can use PowerPoint to create one…)
Full sentences hold attention better because studies show
Most people read along with the text.
It helps keep their attention from wandering.
As you begin to create VSLs, remember that testing is important.
Try plain versus graphically enhanced…
Try straight voice-over versus music backgrounds…
Try short versus long form…
And today, split testing is easier than ever…
So create two versions of your VSL to find out
Which one performs better.
And start keeping your eyes open for Video Sales Letters.
Watch and learn from others to maximize your impact.
Unfortunately there is one thing
That holds most people back from making VSLs…
The time involved in creating the slides.
Well I have great news.
If you have Microsoft Word and PowerPoint…
Or Pages and KeyNote…
I can teach you a simple hack that will save you a TON of time.
For this video, I was able to create 99 slides in less than 3 minutes.
And I’m going to tell you how in the next videos.

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