Creating A V.S.L. Using MS Word & Powerpoint

I am working with Microsoft Word and PowerPoint on a Mac, but I’m sure it’s the same on a PC.

  1. Create your video sales letter script.
  2. Where you want a new slide, hit return to create a new line.
  3. Press “Command” “A” on a Mac or “Control” “A” on a PC to select all the text.
  4. Go to “View” in the menu bar and select “Outline.”
  5. Under “Styles” select “Headline” or “Heading.”
  6. Make sure your Font color is correct.
  7. Select a font type.
  8. Save the file as an .rtf - Rich Text Format.
  9. Open PowerPoint.
  10. Select widescreen.
  11. Choose a template style. Most VSLs use a white background.
  12. You can also create a special background.
  13. Go to Themes.
  14. Select Edit Master Slide.
  15. Click on Slide Master and choose the style of slide you want to edit.
  16. Set the slide size to 1280 x 720.
  17. When finished editing, click “Close Master.”
  18. Click on New Slide and scroll down to Insert Slides from Outline.
  19. Choose the VSL.rtf file that has your VSL copy and click Insert.
  20. PowerPoint will automatically generate all of the slides.
  21. Review and edit slides as needed.

To record your slideshow with voice-over:

Unlike Keynote, PowerPoint’s video conversion is not very good. I highly recommend you use a screen capture utility such as SnagIt.